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What we offer


Strength and

functional training for sports performance


Nutrition coaching for sports and health


Customised programs, guidance and support

About us

At Body & Mind we help individuals to optimise their athletic performance through customised sports nutrition and strength training programs. Our mission is to educate recreational athletes of all levels on the benefits that resistance training and adequate nutrition have on health, sports performance and recovery. Thanks to years of success and experience, we are able to offer high-quality training plans and professional nutrition coaching to suit your goals, lifestyle and abilities. 

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Warrick S. 

I was put in touch with Virginia by my coach to improve my cycling strength. I have been amazed at my progress, and the shared knowledge I have learnt during my training sessions. She always goes one step further than any previous trainers I have had.

Absolutely recommend, 5 stars!

Tara Y.

Virginia helped me with my nutrition for 2 ultra running events. She guided me in setting up a nutrition plan that targeted pre-race nutrition, intake while racing, and recovery. For the first time I had a plan that worked! 


Gary M. 

Awesome personal trainer with subject matter expertise in multiple areas. I went to Body & Mind to increase my mobility and strength for running and I am noticing strong results after only a few sessions. Lots of different exercises focusing on areas where I need to improve. 

Jodie W. 

Very impressed with the professional approach and I've seen results in sports events, training and physique. The best part is that I've learnt so much about nutrition that suits my body and training regime. Five stars.

Maddie L. 

After training with Virginia for only 6 months, I have found a huge difference in muscle strength in all areas of my body and a decrease in back, neck and shoulder pain. I really enjoy her personalised approach. 


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